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If you're using the standard modem/router that came from your internet service provider, we suggest a router upgrade for a better wireless experience.

Generally, wireless routers have a coverage rating. So if your home is 1500 sqft, purchase a router that minimally covers 1500 sqft.

Budget is a factor to consider. Building a wired network can lead to higher costs; however, wired is the most reliable connection.

The majority of portable devices, such as cell phones & tablets, may not have a port for a wired connection. However, if most of your home items are mobile devices, a wireless network is a great choice.

We recommend building towards a diverse network. Hardwire essential devices such as your office computer or gaming console and have a solid wireless signal for the remaining devices.

The recommended maximum run for Cat5, Cat5e, & Cat6 is  328 feet.

Longer runs might cause network performance issues due to packet loss and transmission errors.

A router routes network traffic from one network to another network.

Hubs and switches are networking devices that expand an existing network by connecting additional devices to the router.

Switches are preferred over hubs, as switches send packets of information directly to a particular device. Hubs will send packets of information to all devices connected to the hub, which may cause network congestion.

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A solid network connection is a foundation to enjoying the latest games, movies, & smart devices.

Additional FAQs

The first thing to check is the amount of speed included in your internet plan with your internet service provider.

If you aren't getting the speeds you're paying for; then our service providers can better assist you with diagnosing your home network.

Additionally, your router could be prioritizing specific devices, causing slower speeds for some devices but not others.

For low usage users, 25mbs download & 5mpbs upload is a good starting point for internet speed.

For moderate to heavy users, purchase a package containing 100mbps download & 30 Mbps or more upload.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, the standard network protocol that lets users transfer or update files from remote computers.

Unplug your modem and router for 30 seconds. Then power your modem up, followed by your router. If problems persist, our service providers can further assist you.

Yes, select service providers can create a bridged network by connecting two existing routers.

A Few More FAQs

If budget permits, purchase a mesh network over purchasing a network extender.

A network extender repeats a pre-existing signal. A mesh network works together in a more unified way to maintain a strong wifi signal and speed throughout your home.

Possibly. However, there are a few variables that could cause Zoom or other video chats to drop. Our service providers can help diagnose your issue.

Most new wireless routers support activating a guest network.

We suggest choosing an internet provider based on the budget and available speed they offer for your address.

Yes! A "Home Sweet Home" is affordable and comes with great perks that benefit you.

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