The Benefits of Smart Home Automation in Your Home

Believe it or not, the future of home living lies with smart home automation! More and more, families are putting their trust in smart home products to save time, money, and energy across the board. At Tech2Home, our specialty is bringing automation to life in your home and we’ve witnessed the change it makes in one’s day-to-day routine.

Read on for what anyone can benefit from with smart home automation!

#1: Connectivity

The obvious benefit of smart home automation is that your home is connected through technology. Your internet, lighting, HVAC, audio/visual entertainment, and security systems will go from being customized one by one around the home to being managed from only one or two main points of contact! Your phone or tablet becomes a hub of connectivity for your smart home automation, and it’s up to you to choose a system that brings it all together.

It is important to note that you want all your automation to be compatible with the same system for flawless remote or voice control. Here are two of the most popular systems we see in the automation market:

  • Google: Google Home, Google Nest, Google Assistant
  • Amazon: Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Alexa

Reach out to the professionals of Tech2Home to determine which is right for you!

#2: Efficiency

Hand in hand with connectivity, smart home automation is the pinnacle of efficiency. Several home functions are consolidated and accessible even when you’re not home! Home automation also allows you to save on utility costs by setting a schedule for your thermostat or lighting, compared to having to deal with those functions only when you’re home.

Smart home automation gives you the ability to multitask as well. From adjusting the volume of your entertainment hands-free while making dinner to fixing your thermostat on the drive home, it’s no question that smart home products help your life run a little smoother!

#3: Security

Smart home automation is great for those who want to add an extra layer of security to their home. Motion detection, use of doors, windows, locks, and camera surveillance are a number of functions smart home security offers, and most systems are able to integrate with Alexa or Google Assistant if you already have products within their scope.

A great thing about today’s home security automation is the easy access to check up on your home simply through an app on your phone! Receive notifications of when deliveries are made to your doorstep, check up on a dog sitter, or view your child’s nursery while you’re in another room. No matter the reasoning, smart home automation can give you peace of mind like no other!

#4: Control

Most importantly, smart home automation gives you control over the systems in your household. Different aspects of your home are managed with the same device or mesh network, and issues are easily diagnosed. You decide on the what and where of your automation, and who gets to use those automation features. The power is in your hands… literally!

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