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Soundbars typically come compact, with two or more speakers built into the bar itself. In addition, there is often a wireless subwoofer. As a result, soundbars can improve your sound quality compared to built-in television speakers.

Depends. Every situation is different. Purely based on the quality of sound, a surround system, although more costly, will provide a much better movie experience than most soundbars.

If cost is a significant factor,  soundbars are a great alternative to improve your tv watching experience.

Note: Some soundbars rival the cost of entry-level surround sound systems.

Depends. If the room is capable of being completely dark, a projector is an excellent option. Projectors can project larger images than most television sizes. Note: projectors could require a bulb replacement after a certain amount of hours of watching it.

Suppose your room has a lot of light and can't achieve dark, then a large television is excellent.  Televisions are relatively durable but won't commonly display a picture size that a projector can.

Listening to music with high fidelity can be achieved with soundbars, home audio speakers, or even networked speakers such as Sonos or Heos.

A standard rule of thumb for selecting a projector screen size is measuring how far the seating will be away from the screen and dividing it by 2. (If your seating area is 200" from the screen, then a screen size of 100" is a comfortable size for viewing.)

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Home audio & visuals can bring a movie experience right into the comfort of your home.

Additional FAQs

The first thing you need to consider is size.  The size of your speakers makes a difference in how much power they need.

A receiver that can deliver constant power within the recommended rating is ideal for the best listening experience.

Yes, there are universal remote options that can control all of your devices with one remote.

If your existing speakers don't have Alexa, Siri, or Google built-in, there are options to make pre-existing speakers work with voice commands.

Yes, select service providers can install electrical dimmer switches.

Yes. If there aren't any pre-existing speaker wires, our service providers offer solutions to run speaker wires.

A Few More FAQs

Yes, our service providers can mount soundbars with the appropriate mounting hardware.

Yes, our service providers are required to have general liability insurance in good standing.

Surround speakers are speakers placed behind the listener responsible for projecting sound effects. Thus, surround speakers help create a more realistic sound field for the listener.

Yes! A "Home Sweet Home" is affordable and comes with great perks that benefit you.

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